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I can’t count the times I’ve been with Eddie Money to interview him on the radio, and emcee at his concerts. The fast talking and to a certain extent hard living guy was so talented and gave us so much great music thru the years. All of us at Q105 are sad to hear of Eddie’s passing today.

My most memorable time with Eddie was when I was interviewing him in his trailer before Gasparilla Pirate Fest. We were the sponsor station and he was our concert main event. Eddie had his family including kids with him. I was asking names and he got so confused trying to keep up with their names. It was hilarious to hear. That however was not the highlight of the night, when he took to the stage to perform, we were broadcasting his show live on the station with a feed from the sound board. Eddie knew this but…if he couldn’t remember the kids names……well… After the first song (one of his hits) he blurted out, “how are you mutha****** doing tonight”……We dumped the feed and almost had a heart attack over it. This was years before the crackdown on language and since no one complained after we apologized for it we were ok. We carried a couple of more songs but NOT with any stage banter. Thanks for the memories Eddie….R.I.P.

We still continued to talk to the Moneyman at his shows. Here’s a soundbite from one of his visits to Clearwater for the Fun ‘N Sun festival at Coachman Park.