Jennifer Lopez is certainly an all around performer. She is a very talented actress, singer, dancer and choreographer. JLo turned 50 this year and frankly, she looks better than ever! But even she acknowledges that taking on role as a stripper was extremely difficult.

While she makes it look easy in the film Hustlers, (which has opened to great reviews this weekend) Jenn recently released a YouTube video, showing just how hard pole dancing is, and that stripping is no joke.

For the past few months, Jennifer has trained on the pole, literally putting in blood, sweat and tears as she prepared for this new role. In the attached video she discusses the excruciating hours that she spent learning every nuance that goes into being an accomplished pole-athlete.

I believe that even if you were not a fan of J Lo before, it will be hard not to at least gain some respect the for the hard work and training that went into perfecting this role.

I can’t wait to see the movie in it’s entirety.

For YouTube video of Jennifer practicing… click HERE!

Source: E News

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