The St. Petersburg Police Department report that they need to add 38 new officer positions throughout the next three years, to keep up with a rapidly growing community.

The City Council approved the proposal in one reading, however the measure still needs to pass two more readings before the department will get the authorization to add the new officers to the force.

Police Chief Anthony Holloway alluded to the growing population of the city and deems the addition necessary to simply keep up. Nearly 10,000 people moved to the city from 2015-2018 resulting in more traffic and just more people to monitor and protect.  Holloway shared with ABC Action News that it is his desire to improve response times.

The cost to the city for the addition of these new officers, as well as equipment, training and vehicles would total about 3.5 million over the three years.

Council members will meet again on Thursday, where they could give final approval.

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