City of Clearwater leaders and the residents of Clearwater seem to be somewhat divided on whether the addition of electric scooters to the downtown area should take place.

We reported on this issue HERE when the city voted against the idea back in June, (after seeing the problems that were popping up with the scooters in Tampa).

But Clearwater city officials seem to think that they have worked out the possible problems and have a new plan on how to facilitate scooters better in the downtown area. City leaders are planning to vote in November on a one-year pilot program for the scooter rentals.

The city plans to make strict rules to accompany the micro-scooter launch such as, no use on sidewalks, limiting attainable speed to only 15 mph, and only allowing the scooters on streets with a speed limit of 30 mph or less.

The scooters will also work in the downtown area only, and will have an automatic shut-off once they leave it’s GPS boundaries. Riders must be at least 18 years of age.

The scooters will be tied to an app accessable on smart phones where one will scan the QR code to unlock the scooter to start riding. Charges will be approximately $1 to unlock the scooter and it will cost between .10 and .30 cents per minute.

City leaders support the scooters as they feel the program may help to bring more business to the downtown area. Some residents seem to agree it’s a good idea because there is a major lack of parking downtown. But others feel it’s dangerous to add these scooters to an already over crowded area, congested with pedestrians and traffic.

The November vote will decide. And if the pilot program goes well in the downtown area, Clearwater will be looking into expanding it to the beach areas.

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