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If you’re planning on flying around the Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays, AAA tells us the best time to purchase tickets is… coming in October.

The booking window based on past years begins September 25th. You can get the best deals, and you know that if you wait, those prices are just going to go up…and up…

If you’re booking for Thanksgiving, AAA shows that most travelers book between September 25 and October 27. If you don’t manage to get in during that time, there’s another window 7-13 days before Thanksgiving for good deals, but there aren’t as many seats available during that time.

If you’re booking for Christmas, AAA says the booking dates to get the best deals are close to the same for Thanksgiving, roughly September 26 to October 25. That time period often offers the best deals. There will also be deals to be found 7 to 13 days before Christmas week, but with limited availability.

Some recommendations from AAA:

  • Be sure to look into your options early and book by October 27
  • Use a knowledgeable travel agent
  • Travel insurance will protect your trip from a variety of issues

Click here for more details from AAA.