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Peter Dinklage from the Game of Thrones series finale (photo: Helen Sloan/HBO)

Congrats to Game of Thrones for 12 Emmys and Peter Dinklage (“Best Supporting Actor”), but the Emmys weren’t quite amazing, according to many who watched the three-hour award show.

The Emmys decided against a host, following the footsteps of the Oscars and it showed. Without having an opening monologue and instead plugging Fox’s new season of “The Masked Singer” the start of the show was weirdly corporate instead of funny and entertaining.

There were, however, some great winners including Billy Porter, who won for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series, calling the category, “Love.” Jodi Comer’s comment about not inviting her parents moved the audience and Michelle Williams’ speech was definitely a highlight.

What did you think of the Emmys? Where do you think the Emmys fell short? Are award shows better with or without hosts?

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