A Hillsborough County breeding facility has been closed down after a year-long court battle.

In what is one of the largest animal seizures in United States history, the county has taken in over 340 dogs, which are mostly small breeds like Maltese, Shih Tzus, Terriers and Schnauzers.

The court battle alleged the dogs weren’t being properly cared for by a Tampa animal breeding business known as “Trish’s All Breeds Pet Grooming and Champion Sired Puppies for Sales”. After giving the business a chance to fix the problems, Pet Resources went to a judge who ordered the removal of all the dogs. Additionally, the court ruling prohibits the business owner from ever owning dogs again.

Unfortunately, investigators have never been able to find the business owner who could eventually face charges.

Investigators said the company was irresponsible in the care of the animals, stating that the living conditions were “filthy” and the kennels were over crowded. Pet Resources Department Director, Scott Trebatoski said, “You might see 20 or 30 dogs in a cage that should only have one or two”.

Animal control said some of the 300-plus dogs were in critical condition and they even found one puppy dead. Pet Resources Chief Veterinarian Mallory Offner says many of the dogs are unhealthy stating, “I’ve seen dental disease, skin issues, and some of the ones we looked at had hardly any teeth.”

This is certain to cause stress and more over crowding at a shelter that was already full. In anticipation of the addition of these dogs, the Pet Resource Center is hoping the public will help out by adopting some of  the dogs already at the shelter. Pet Resource Center advises they will be waiving all adoption fees immediately.

This will be a perfect time to get that new family pet while the adoption fees are waived. However, if you cannot adopt at this time, please consider helping out with a donation. The Resource Center is asking the public to help with donations during this unusual time. Anything will be greatly appreciated.

For a list of items needed click HERE.  If you would like to make a monetary donation click HERE.

Source: WFLA

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