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Paul McCartney sat down for an extended interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show last night (September 24) to promote his new children’s book, Hey Grandude, as well as talk about his remarkable career.

The interview was broken up into four videos on The Late Show‘s YouTube channel, with the first clip opening up with the audience’s very long standing ovation and touching on Sir Paul being surrounded by music in his childhood.

Paul McCartney Reacts to BTS Singing "Hey Jude"

Part 1 of Stephen's interview with Sir Paul McCartney finds the legendary musician musing on his favorite cover performances of songs by The Beatles, including Marvin Gaye's take on "Yesterday" and that time BTS riffed on "Hey Jude" right here on The Late Show.


Clip two dives into how McCartney responds to fans knowing how his music has had an emotional effect on their lives.

Paul McCartney was a Big Elvis Fan

Part 2 of Stephen's interview with Sir Paul McCartney includes the revelation that as a young man, McCartney idolized another artist who made a big splash at the Ed Sullivan Theater: Elvis Presley.

Clip three is rather deep and emotional and touches on how the death of McCartney’s mother when he was a child affected his songwriting. Sir Paul also talks at length about his friendship with John Lennon and he mentions how he has dreams about him now.

Paul McCartney Often Dreams of John Lennon

Part 3 of Stephen Colbert's interview with Sir Paul McCartney touches on the subject of loss, and in particular the way John Lennon's death has influenced his music and even his dreams, many decades later.

Clip four covers the origins of McCartney’s new book, but he also talks about the time Jimi Hendrix infamously covered “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” just days after The Beatles released the album. It’s a story many have heard, but hearing McCartney tell the story again just makes it special.

Paul McCartney Has a New Children's Book, "Hey Grandude"

Part 4 of our conversation with Sir Paul McCartney explores Stephen Colbert's suggestions for the next round of book titles from the new children's book author.


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