Delta Airlines has a ban that prohibits the specific breed of Pit Bulls from being allowed on their airplanes, even if it’s a certified service animal.

Delta enacted the ban last year, and officials from the airline claim it is for passenger safety. Delta claims that they haven’t figured out how to ensure passenger safety around pits bulls, so they plan to keep the ban in force.

This decision seems to be in defiance of The Transportation Department’s statement from last August, which says banning specific breeds is a violation of regulations covering service animals.

Delta claims they had more than 40 cases of aggressive animal behavior on planes last year. One Delta passenger was mauled badly in 2017, although in that incident the dog was a lab-pointer mix, NOT a Pit Bull.

The American Veterinary Medical Association says any dog can bite, and any regulation aimed at specific breeds are not effective. The example obviously proven by the Delta case in 2017.

Kitty Block, president of the Humane Society of the United States, calls the ban discriminatory and misguided. I tend to agree. I think often Pit Bulls get an underserving bad reputation. Any dog can be taught to be mean and aggressive, or it can be trained for obedience.

How do you feel about Delta’s “No Pit Bull” policy? Do you feel they have enough evidence to specifically ban the Pit Bull breed?

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Source: WFLA

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