If you have purchased gas recently in Sarasota, you may have been a victim of a credit card skimmer.

The Sarasota Police Department reports that they have found two credit card skimming devices at the Citgo Gas Station located at 3580 Fruitville Road in Sarasota. The devices have now been confiscated as evidence.

The skimmers where found by the Sarasota Street Crimes unit who had partnered with the Department of Agriculture, in a proactive check of all 17 gas stations in Sarasota.

The agencies offer some tips (found below) to help protect yourself from this kind of crime:

  • Choose a pump close to the entrance of the station
  • Use a credit card for the transaction, rather than a debit card
  • Pay inside or use cash

Anyone who thinks they may have recently purchased gas at this particular station, is encouraged to pay close attention to their bank accounts, regardless of how small the transaction may be. Report any unauthorized charges to the Sarasota Police Department.

Source: ABC Action News

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