The Tarpon Springs Police Department have arrested a seventh grade student from Tarpons Springs Middle School, for making violent threats against the school. The police report says the boy had a “plan” to shoot five students at the school.

Police say they were notified by the Assistant Principle and the School Resource Officer, after several students told staff THAT they heard the boy talking about “A list of five students” that he wanted to kill on campus.

Upon further investigation by detectives, it was found that the boy had told several students that he devised a “plan” as to how he would follow through with the shootings at the school. Police say he claimed he would use a rifle, enter the school at a specific location, proceed to his classroom first and then to the cafeteria, where he would shoot the students on his list.

When questioned by detectives, the boy claimed he wasn’t serious and it was all “just a joke”. Police said they have determined the boy was not in possession of any firearms.

The boy found out that Police didn’t think his “joke” was funny and arrested him on Thursday (Sept. 26). The middle-school boy has been charged with “making a false report concerning the use of a firearm in a violent manner”, (a second-degree felony) and taken to the Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center.

Threats like this have probably always been going on. Maybe now people (students) are starting to speak up. Remember, see something… say something. I feel this uncontrolled behavior needs to be dealt with by parents. And right now! If not, there will be thousands of kids country-wide ruining their lives forever with these threats following them. The police are doing their best, but it needs to start at home.

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Source: TBT

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