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I saw something beautiful today on the Tampa Reddit. Social media gets a bad rap sometimes. But as the country song says, “most people are good.” After spending the past couple weeks overseas, I tapped the link to the Tampa chat board to see what people have been talking about while I’ve been away. The top story today made me smile. There’s an effort to get readers to attend services for Edward K. Pearson. He’s a veteran that passed back in August at age 80. Internment is set for tomorrow (October 1, 2019) at Sarasota National Cemetery on Stage Road 72 at 12:30pm. A local newspaper article mentions that Pearson has no immediate family and that all are welcome to attend.

Reddit user “jsherhag” posted a photo of the article in hopes that someone might be able to make it. Within minutes, Reddit visitors began making plans to take part as a tribute to Pearson to thank him for his service. One user mentioned a retirement community will be making a group trip. Then a motorcycle group shared the word. Others spread the word on their own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Here’s the link to the article and effort to get attendance if you’d like to share:

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