Check out this unbelievable video of a carjacking caught on camera for all to see.

Authorities say a man attacked a woman stopped at a gas station, threw her down and drove away with her car, along with with her mother and infant baby inside.

The Martin County Sheriffs Office say that the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon as the family was making their way home to Miami, after a vacation at Walt Disney World, Orlando.

Surveillance video shows the struggle that ensued between the driver and the suspect. The man used a gun and threatened the driver, then dragged her out of the car.

Sheriff William Snyder says the woman’s brother was also in the car but got out before the carjacker drove away, but the grandmother and the baby were still inside.

The grandmother said she pleaded with the suspect to stop at another gas station, which he did, and finally released them.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said after an extensive search, Jaquay Jean was taken into custody in North Miami.

Jean was brought back to Martin County and is facing a bond of $400,000 on felony charges of armed carjacking and armed kidnapping.


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