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Two families in Cincinnati came together to have a lemonade stand over Labor Day Weekend, and the results were awe-inspiring. Good Morning America explains that the children running the stand initially raised $148 in its first 45 minutes. Their parents decided the donate the money to Cincinnati Children’s hospital to teach their kids about giving back.

That same hospital was where one of the children, Beatrice, was treated for a rare liver disease. It was also where she received a liver transplant with the help of her mother, Hilary Weidner.

When they brought the $148 in, they did so on a giant check. Hilary Weidner posted a picture of all the children holding the check and put it on Instagram, asking if anyone wanted to match the donation. After that, the photo went viral, and large sums of money were donated. Even Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper joined in and gave $5000.

As of today, the lemonade stand has raised $125,000.

Hilary says that the group plans on having a lemonade stand annually to raise money and give back.