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It happens all the time. You get a call from a 813 or 727 number. It doesn’t look familiar. But it’s from the area so you think you should probably answer. Then sure enough, you do take the call… and it’s a telemarketer. Even though I’ve lived in Florida for about 8 years, I still have a Boston area phone number so when I see a random phone number coming from that old area code and it’s not in my contacts, I already know it’s a scammer so I just ignore the call. But still… it’s annoying. I had, what I thought, is such a simple idea.

I am happy to report Apple listened to me. Or they just employed common sense. I like to think it’s the former. Regardless, now with the new operating system, Apple lets you put any phone calls to voicemail if you don’t have the number stored in your contacts! By default though, that feature is turned OFF. Here’s how to turn it on. Go to your settings. Scroll down and tap “Phone.” Scroll down a bit to where it says “Silence Unknown Callers.” Slide that toggle over and make it green and your daily battle with telemarketers is over!

Now… what if someone legitimate is trying to reach you that is not in your contacts? You’ll still get a notification of a missed call even though the phone never rang. So the scammer will still annoy you… just not as much. And if the message is from someone important, they’ll hopefully leave you a voicemail. But if it was a scammer, just block them.

I’ve already missed a half dozen or so scammer calls since this latest software update. I don’t know if this new feature justifies the $1,000+ I plunked down on my new iPhone, but I love it.

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