First it was Uber “Ride-Share”, then it was Uber “Eats”. Now, TechCrunch brings us Uber Pets! Those of us that often travel with our pets feel that this idea is long-awaited.

Once, when using Uber I had a horrible instance concerning this very topic.

One day I waited an extra long time for a ride, only to have the driver assigned to me finally approach, and then cancel my ride as he drove away. No explanation! Until the next Uber driver showed up (some 30 minutes later as I waited in the rain) to explain to me that the previous driver, no doubt saw my small dog with me and decided that he (or she) didn’t want a pet in their car.

Now, Uber has added a feature that will do that for me, (or for anyone who wants to ride with their pets). For a charge of course. TechCrunch has launched a new pilot program with a feature that passengers can use to bring along their pets, and the Tampa Bay Area is lucky enough to be one of the BETA cities.

If you are bringing along your pet, a surcharge between $3 to $5 is added to the ride. Easy! And of course those riders with medical service animals will not be charged anything additional.

The added feature will start on October 16th. in the Tampa Bay area… as well as Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia and Phoenix.

All I can say is Thanks Uber! This is a needed addition!

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