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Guns N’ Roses have banned a superfan from their shows for life due to his alleged ties to studio material being leaked on the internet.

Rick Dunsford flew to Wichita, Kan. for the band’s October 7 show. It would’ve been his 33rd time seeing GN’R. While in line for the show, he was asked to leave by security. In a private Facebook video transcribed by Tone Deaf, Dunsford said he was told, “…if I ever come to a Guns N’ Roses show again that I’ll be arrested!”

Dunsford explains in an interview following the incident, ” About two and a half months ago, I drove to Virginia, and there was a storage locker that belonged to [former GN’R A&R rep] Tom Zutaut. He didn’t pay his bills or something and it was auctioned off. The individual that bought the locker, there was about 20 CDs in this locker of unreleased Guns N’ Roses music from around ’99 to 2000 or 2001.”

Dunsford and a group of fans were able to pool together $15,000 to purchase those discs. He then struck a deal with GN’R reps where he turned over the music in exchange for being reimbursed the money that was initially paid to obtain the music. Unfortunately, music from those discs still leaked, which Dunsford says was because the initial seller was continuing to sell the material to other people who had leaked the material. However, the band is allegedly pinning the blame on Dunsford for the leak.

GN’R hasn’t commented on this incident.

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