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Filled up your gas tank in Bradenton recently? You might want to check your credit card activity if you visited one of these two stations. Police have found more gas station skimmers… this time in Bradenton. WWSB reports one was found at the Marathon Station at 1832 Manatee Avenue. Two more were found just down the street at the BP gas station at 2790 Manatee Avenue. They’re looking at the skimmers now in hopes of finding out who put them in.

Officials are offering the usual advice: pay inside. If you do pay the at the pump, use the pump closest to the cashier. Also see if the card reader wiggles. If it does, it might have been messed with.

Today, we participated with Manatee County Sheriff's Office and Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services in...

Posted by Bradenton Police Department on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Source: WWSB

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