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There’s nothing worse than being unemployed with no way to get to a job interview. Lyft has announced their “Jobs Access Program” where they hope to give a little help to those in need of a ride to a job interview, job training or those who just got a job but haven’t received that first paycheck yet. Lyft partners with organizations like Goodwill, the USO and United Way. They give those agencies credits that they can give to those in need of a ride. They’re doing this in a few dozen markets to start out, but it’s not clear if Tampa is one of them. Riders will be able to use the program until they get their first paycheck. In their blog, Lyft says veterans and those with disabilities are their top priority for the program. It’s partially funded when Lyft customers use the “Round Up & Donate” feature in the app.

Source: Lyft Blog

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