Pets are like family and Vets are like family too. I don’t take my dogs to this vet but I know how I feel about my vet and the people that work there. The staff is there when your fur babies are sick and need help and especially there to walk you through end of life for your pet. You love them like family, so just wanted to say we are thinking of all of you on the staff and all of you who go to Partridge Animal Hospital.


The staff of Partridge Animal Hospital is devastated to announce the death of our founder Dr. Harvey Partridge and his wife Pat in a plane crash last night in Raleigh, N.C. The plane was owned by Dr. Partridge, who was an experienced pilot. There were no other passengers aboard.

While our staff will be on site to care for pets at the hospital, we are rescheduling today’s appointments and will have our phones turned off for the day. We will make sure that anyone with a pet currently staying at our hospital can reach us, and we are referring emergency calls to Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists at (727) 531-5752.

Dr. Partridge was a truly wonderful doctor and advocate for animals, and he and his wife will be terribly missed by our staff and clients. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, and we appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.