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It’s not always so easy for the owner of a home to handle renters. When squatters take over a home, it can become even worse. For a Tampa woman, it became a nightmare.

When Linda Meade found out from neighbors that there was someone living in her south Tampa house, she called Tampa police and they told her that she had to leave.

The ‘squatters’ claimed to have paid to move in, but they had no proof. Still, Meade, the homeowner, was told she’d need to take this to court.

During a second visit to the home, the situation escalated and Meade was handcuffed and was threatened by police to arrest her.

The State Attorney’s Office finally decided it was the squatters who were trespassing.

Linda Meade and her daughter have filed complaints with Tampa Police and an internal investigation has begun on how this was handled.

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