E-scooter accidents are up 700%. Lime e-scooter is holding a safety course Saturday on East Zack Street Parking Lot at 849 E. Zack Street.

Tampa has Lime scooters which have a front wheel that can turn 90 degrees, which experts say every rider needs to know about. If you hit any kind of pot hole with a Lime e-scooter, the front wheel turns 90 degrees and throws you straight into the ground. There are things you can do to keep yourself safer on an e-scooter like wearing a helmet, but who carries their helmet around? Staying off your phone and not trying to drive one handed are also mentioned in this video. I haven’t been on an e-scooter yet, but I’m glad I watched this e-scooter review video just to be aware of the Lime E-Scooter design flaws that could hurt you.