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File photo of the Publix at Feather Sound.

Are you a fan of self-checkout lanes? Stores like Target have had them for a while and if you’re in a rush and there’s a line at the register, it can save some time. But what about grocery shopping? A few area Publix stores in Dunedin and Carrollwood have them. Even though you ring up your own items in these lanes, there’s an employee nearby to help out. Publix says it’s about giving customers an option. It’s not to cut staff. Should they bring them to all Tampa area locations? Publix has had them for a while in Gainesville and Tallahassee. My Facebook friend Kim Mireider Sauceda says they recently got 4 self-checkout lanes at her Publix in Carrollwood. She says employees only recommend using it if you have a couple things and that Publix still has plenty of registers open and jobs were not lost. That’s a key point to Publix according to the report below… it’s not about cutting jobs. It’s about giving customers the option who want it.

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