Society claims a lot of heroes. But this story is about a bona fide community hero that risked his own life to save another.

It sounds like a Hollywood script, but an officer with the Pinellas Park Police rushed in and out of a burning building, carrying an unconscious senior citizen to safety.

Officer Jeffrey DeTrano was on his routine patrol when he noticed PPFD fire engines rushing down 49th St. in Pinellas Park. DeTrano quickly followed the fire department vehicles to a house where a neighbor informed DeTrano that there was a 73 year old resident still in the burning building.

Reports say flames and black smoke were billowing out of the house when DeTrano saw a man in the corner of a room, crouched down and unresponsive. DeTrano quickly ran into the flames and smoke, picked up the elderly man, and carried him out of the blazing house to the safety of Paramedics on scene.

Pinellas Park Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Robert Angell said:

“Officer DeTrano’s actions saved a life today. If it were not for his actions, the outcome would have been tragic. Officer DeTrano’s selfless actions display just one example of the commitment that all of our public servants have in service to our community.”

It’s great to think we have such brave and selfless men and women patrolling our streets here in the Tampa Bay area. We think that Officer Jeffery DeTrano is a real hero.

The fire is still under investigation but authorities say it does not appear to be intentional.

Officer DeTrano is being considered for the PD’s highest recognition the Medal of Honor for his dedication and bravery. We believe he deserves it.

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