Residents of one Tampa Bay city may soon be sitting at red lights longer, if city officials have their way.

After a 6 month study of four major intersections in Lakeland, the city is ready to present their findings to the FDOT in an upcoming meeting.

Administrators are suggesting a program where sensors would detect if a driver is running a red light. The sensors measure speed and distance. The information is then used to signal all lights at that intersection to stay red for a longer period of time. This extra time will allow the law-breaking drivers to pass through the red light, preventing other drivers from proceeding.

Lakeland’s Manager of Traffic Operation says:

“So we want to prevent that T-bone crash which is very very difficult and usually ends up in severe trauma,” 

If FDOT approves this proposition, Lakeland would be the pilot city to make red lights longer. Other parts of the Tampa Bay area (and maybe even the state) will follow soon. FDOT must give the go-ahead before the technology is actually used.

There are disagreements about this whole thing. Some people feel it’s become necessary and that it could save lives. But others feel we may be telling people who tend to drive too fast (and run red lights) to not be responsible, and to “go ahead, we’ve got you covered?”

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Source: ABC Action News

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