In spite of his own serious cancer diagnosis (and the busier interview schedule since), Alex Trebek took the time to make the day of one lucky fan.

According to TMZ and NY Daily News articles, Debbie Stevens, a Pulmonary Fibrosis survivor herself, wanted to reach Alex Trebek in hopes that he would be willing to make a phone call to her 32 year-old, autistic son Michael. In the articles Debbie Stevens says that Michael is a huge fan of Jeopardy! and Trebek.

The published reports continue by saying that Michael had become extremely depressed and withdrawn upon learning of Trebek’s cancer diagnosis and that Debbie Stevens hoped a phone call from Trebek would bring her son back.

TMZ writes that Debbie Stevens got on the internet and eventually reached Alex Trebek’s son Matthew, and made the plea to him. Matthew Trebek agreed to speak to his father, and to Debbie Stevens’ surprise, Alex did call. Unfortunately, Alex got the Stevens’ voice mail, but left a very sweet message.

Still they were devastated they missed the call. But the worried Mom didn’t give up. Again, she contacted Trebek’s son asking for yet another call.

Alex was kind enough to indeed make a second call, and that time he did connect with the autistic man. According to the NY Daily News, Trebek chatted with Stevens and her son for about 10 minutes, with an excited Stevens doing much of the talking.

According to the TMZ article, Trebek listened patiently to Michael Stevens, then assured Stevens that he, “wasn’t stepping away from Jeopardy” anytime soon.

TMZ quotes Trebek as saying:

“I’m going to keep fighting. With God’s grace and prayers from people like you, and good wishes from folks everywhere, I’m going to come through like you.”

Stevens and her son still have the voicemail that Alex left that day and that they listen to it often. Debbie says of Trebek, “He knows how many people love watching the show. He doesn’t want to let people down. As sick as he is, he wanted to assure Michael that he is ok”.

We are so happy that Alex is continuing the fight against this dreaded disease. The fact that he is so caring of others, even when his own health is failing, shows what a great man he is. We continue to pray for a full recovery for Alex  Trebek.

Source: TMZ 

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