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ABC Action News reports that the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County have received complaints about patrons breaking out in a rash, after sitting on the benches at the Pelican Pub in St. Petersburg.

The WFTS report says that the Pelican Pub is “voluntarily closing” after the reported rash. Action news also reports that they’ve received photos from different women who report to have had similar experiences, or rashes after visiting and sitting on the benches as well.

On Tuesday, state inspectors came to the scene and did report having found live bed bugs on the bench, one dead bed bug, and one live palmetto bug on the floor, which was killed.

Maggie Hall, a spokesperson for the health department, confirms they responded to a similar complaint about the establishment in September. However after investigating, they found that complaint to be invalid.

It was noted that. the inspectors… “did not observe a presence of infestation or insects at time of inspection” , but went on to add.. “sanitizer used to wipe down tables, stools, benches, and bar was a bleach and water solution. Bleach solution was 100 ppm.”

ABC Action News reported one woman said she went to urgent care with the rash, and was diagnosed with irritant (chemical) dermatitis.  The health departments’ Ms. Hall, says that their office does not do medical exams, and can not speculate on the rashes as they are notified from health care providers about rashes.

Check out this FB post below:

Currently in the Emergency Room in pain because of Pelican Pub located in downtown St. Pete. ER staff have informed me...

Posted by Rachael Renn on Sunday, October 27, 2019

ABC Action News reached out to the Pelican Pub and received this statement:

WFTS says that Inspectors noted that chlorine levels in the bar sinks were high and quaternary ammonium was a little bit low, which the pub says have both now been corrected.

The Pub also released this statement from Sean Knight, an owner of the Pelican Pub, saying they will be voluntarily closing while the issues are addressed:


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