ABC Action News reports that a Pasco County high school student who allegedly tired to hire a hit man.

Deputies say they have arrested 18-year-old Nicholas Godfrey, a student at Fivay High School after he tried to find someone to kill a staff member at his school.

The report says that on October 30th, an Instagram direct message was sent to a student at Fivay High School reading as follows: “I need a guy who could kill someone.”

After further investigation, the detectives say they found the originating Instagram account belonged to 18-year-old Nicholas Godfrey. He also allegedly claimed that he would give the student $100,000 for the the staff member’s head. Godfrey reportedly added.. “No joke, I need him eliminated as soon as possible,”.

Police secured a search warrant for the IG account, which revealed an IP address registered to Godfrey’s residence. When interviewed, Godfrey admitted to sending the messages and he freely provided his phone to detectives, who saw the messages still on his phone.

Godfrey has been arrested for attempting to solicit murder and booked in the Pasco County Jail.

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