Imagine being told by your ex-boyfriend’s mother that he had died and then years later running into him at a restaurant! That’s what happened to an Australian woman.  “Rachel” was told by the mother of her ex, Alistair, that he was killed by a biker gang whom he owed money to.  Years later Rachel entered a restaurant where Alistair’s brother was working and asked a worker to tell him “hello,” she was told he wasn’t in but that his brother Alistair was there.  Shocked, Rachel was confronted by the restaurant manager who asked her to leave. After finding out that he was alive, she wanted to confront him about a $1000 loan she gave him while they were dating, she tried to reach out to him at the restaurant but was told by his mother that he was fired due to her “incident.” Racheal later ran into Alistair at another restaurant where she confronted him about the money he owed, which he denied, leading Rachel to contact police who said there was nothing that could be done. She never asked him why he faked his death.