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This story may be hard for you to read. But…

According to News Chanel 8, the Flagler County Sheriffs office was contacted on October 31st. by a teenager, claiming her parents were abusing her and her siblings.

WFLA says the 14 year old girl reported that she and her 4 younger siblings were being housed in filth, and she was made to stay and be the caregiver for all the siblings.

Responding to the call, deputies were sent to the home in Bunnell, Florida the next day, where Betty Nicolicchia-Allen and Dennis Allen were arrested.

To see mug shots and read more check out this post from the Flagler County Sheriffs Office FB page…

Betty Nicolicchia-Allen and Dennis Allen both, are facing face five counts of child neglect. They remain in jail on a $5,000.00 bond each.

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