Lauren Lloyd of Lakeland  was going through her ring doorbell video to see how her Halloween candy bowl had emptied so fast, but found this sweet girl instead. When the trick or treater went up to the door and found an empty bowl, she just couldn’t walk away without reaching into her bag several times to put candy into the bowl for the next person. WOW! As Lauren writes, good job Mom and Dad.

Source: Fox 13

????????????????I don’t know this young man/lady but I wanted to tell their parents good job!! ????????????????They saw some kids likely took more than their share and instead of throwing a fit that we were out they took candy from their personal stash and put it in our bowl! Feel free to share;) #halloweenhero #raisingthemright #goodjobparents #halloween #ellenshow #ringdoorbell ????????????????????❤️

Posted by Lauren Lloyd on Thursday, October 31, 2019