Nina Harrelson of WREG Memphis responded on Facebook to a viewer who made the comment “You look mighty big on TV”. Personally this bugs me to no end. Number one, nobody asked for your two cents on how you feel about my body. Number two, women on TV are scrutinized in a completely different way than men. Men can age right before your very eyes and keep their TV job while women get eventually shuffled off in place of a younger anchor. It’s not just men who do the body shaming either, women can be vicious. I always say something when I hear somebody ripping a TV anchor for their appearance. I did TV commercials for 5 years for Subaru and it’s tough.

Good for you Nina Harrelson, keep up the good work.


"You look mighty big on TV!" That's what a complete stranger just said to me. FYI - journalists are not models......

Posted by Nina Harrelson TV on Sunday, November 3, 2019