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If you are a die hard “Black Friday” shopper, ABC Action News has shared some information that just may be of interest to you.

The Black Friday ads are out and have been since Halloween. That means the time has come to start preparing for your shopping trip on Thanksgiving night (possibly) if not then… for sure the Friday after.

But even if you are one of the die-hard Black Friday shoppers, most really don’t enjoy the fighting of the crowds that go with that experience. Especially at the three or four most popular stores. Seeing all the social media videos of hectic scenes in crowded stores could be enough to make you stay home.

So, perhaps you’re going to limit your shopping to just one specific store that day, but how do you pick just one? ABC says that with the help of and WalletHub, they can help by locating some of the best places for you to save the most on Black Friday.

Below is a breakdown on which stores have the best deals and on what items:

Macy’s: Great for clothing and $8 small kitchen appliances, with some items free after mail-in rebate. Be sure to bring bonus savings coupons, such as $20 off a $50 item.

JC Penney: Also good for clothing, but it really shines with bedding and home goods.

Kohl’s: One of the top choices of Black Friday shoppers for its bonus Kohl’s Cash rebates all weekend, along with great deals on clothing, jewelry and some toys.

Target: Great deals on electronics, especially TVs, and toys, where it has recently expanded its toy department to lure former Toys “R” Us shoppers. Gift cards with Apple products.

Walmart: The best store for off-brand TVs at super low prices, along with gaming consoles and toys. Gift cards with Apple products.

Best Buy: Tops for name-brand 4K TVs (Sony, Samsung, LG) and laptops. Gift cards with Apple products.

The Apple Store: One of the rare days to find a deal at the Apple Store, but you may find better iPhone and iPad deals at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target on Black Friday. (See above)

Amazon: This one is tricky because Amazon does not have a traditional Black Friday ad. Deal News says Amazon requires patience, as you have to watch their lightning deals. Overpay and you’ll say “doesn’t that stink?” ( But you can set up Amazon price alerts on certain sites)

Now you can plan your Black Friday and feel a little more informed. Happy Shopping!

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