Christmas In Tampa Bay

Having spent 25 years in New England where people shovel out their parking spots after a snow storm and then mark it with a chair to save it, I completely understand the chair wars to mark your space.

It’s a tradition in Lakeland at the popular Chirstmas Parade to put your chair out on the sidewalk to save your spot before the day of the parade. This year the Lakeland Parade is taking place on Thursday December 5th and the Lakeland Police Department has announced that the  yearly tradition of putting out chairs to save a spot is over.

The Lakeland Police sign reads, NO CHAIRS, Per Lakeland Police Department. No chairs are to be placed out before 8:00 am the day of the parade. Any chair prior to that is subject to be moved and or confiscated.

It’s the downtown shops that have to navigate through a sea of chairs to do business that need people to stop doing this. The Lakeland Police have kindly requested in prior years for people to stop putting their chairs out, but people have ignored them.

This year the Lakeland PD is going to make sure people listen. No Chairs before 8:00 am parade day.

Now that we have the chair issue settled, The Lakeland Christmas Parade is the biggest parade around the Tampa Bay area. The Junior League of Greater Lakeland and the City of Lakeland put on the 39th annual Christmas Parade December 5th at 7:00pm in downtown Lakeland. The Parade, which draws thousands starts and ends at the RP Funding Center and this years theme is “The Joy of Giving”.


Source: FOX 13