Someone took it upon themselves to make up unofficial rules for taking the middle seat on a plane:

While some people book the aisle and others want the window, hardly anyone would willingly choose the middle seat on a plane. But if you do find yourself sandwiched in, here are some unofficial rules to follow. Just because you’re stuck with the worst seat doesn’t mean you get to take up any extra legroom. Pack a neck pillow because it’s really uncool to sleep on your neighbor’s shoulder. Take the bathroom break at the same time as the aisle seat person so you don’t disturb them. If you’re traveling as a couple, draw straws, because one of you will have to take the middle. There is one shining light: Middle seaters get both armrests!

I don’t agree with these rules at all. If you have the middle seat on an airplane, you don’t get both armrests and if you have to go to the bathroom, I just let the passenger in the aisle know I need to get up. Don’t you? By the way, the middle seat might soon become the best choice. Here’s the new design slowly making it’s way onto airplanes.