This video was taken on November 11, 2019 by a tourist in Iceland. The tourist were visiting the iconic Reynisfjara Beach when they got way too close to a ‘sneaker wave’ that washed up and knocked them all off their feet. Didn’t see that coming! The tour guide said the beach is safe 95% of the time. They are called ‘sneaker waves’ because they come out of nowhere. Tourists can be watching a calm surf for a long time and think it’s safe to go close to shore, then out of nowhere a giant wave hits the coast. A man from Northern California was killed on vacation with his family by one of these waves. The second video was taken a year ago on the same beach.

There is a cliff right above this beach which is the safest place to watch the surf. Authorities are going to review the safety measures they have in place at Reynisfjara Beach because maybe warning signs are not enough to keep people safe.