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These etiquette rules on Thanksgiving dinner point out at least 5 things you might not know. The meal starts when the host unfolds their napkin? The meal ends when the host places their napkin on the table? Always pass the salt and pepper together? Only cut one bite at a time? Is this what happens at your house? Don’t switch the place cards?  LOL

Here’s some rules you might not follow from Thanksgiving Etiquette according to What’s Cooking America.

Have Some Manners For Thanksgiving Before you fill your face with Thanksgiving food, you should exhibit some courtesy. Follow these etiquette rules from What’s Cooking America to help make the gathering even better. Always pass the salt and pepper together. Before you even ask for it, taste the food before you add extra seasoning.  Dinner doesn’t start until the host unfolds their napkin and places it on their lap. In some homes, the host is usually trying to make sure guests are fine before they eat but it is proper to wait for them to sit down to start chowing down. The Emily Post Institute says to cut your meal one piece at a time. Basically, you aren’t a child. You can handle cutting then eating one morsel at a time. Also, respect the home you are visiting. The host trusted you enough to invite you over, so show respect to their place.

I love these etiquette video’s from way back in the 1950’s