Tis the season for stealing and the St. Petersburg police department is searching for these two women who robbed a 75 year old woman in a grocery store. St. Pete PD called them grocery store scroungers. Here’s a very clear picture of the two woman and PD says they were driving a dark  grey SUV. Lets help them get caught! It breaks my heart when the elderly are treated like this because people see them as easy targets. The holiday is a time to be extra careful and look out for not only your stuff, but keep an eye on the elderly as well. These two women targeted her in the grocery store. Here’s what the St. Petersburg PD posted on their Facebook page Friday.

Know These Grocery Store Scroungers?

The two women below targeted and robbed a 75-year-old woman of her wallet on November 15, 2019 as she shopped for groceries.

Within half-an-hour, the two went to another store and bought $5,000 in electronics and gifts cards.

They tried to make another purchase at another store, but the victim’s cards declined.

The women were in the dark grey SUV pictured below.

If you recognize these women or have any information about this case, please call our non-emergency line at 727-893-7780.