Krispy Kreme has announced (via their own Facebook page) that they are releasing three new Christmas-inspired doughnuts, which are available now through December 24th.

The “Reindeer“, the “Present” and the “Santa Belly” are the three new choices.

The ‘Reindeer’  is the classic original glazed doughnut dipped in chocolate icing, decorated like a reindeer with pretzel antlers, a red icing nose and sugar eyes.

The ‘Present’ is a bright green glazed doughnut, filled with creme and decorated with a red icing bow to look like a Christmas gift.

The ‘Santa Belly‘, is a doughnut filled with chocolate cream, dipped in red icing with sugar sprinkled on top and decorated in a belt that looks just like one Santa would wear.

For a sneak peek of the new doughnuts, take a look at this video from WTMJ below…

For more information on Krispy Kreme’s promotion click HERE:

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