Jason Gell who lives in St. Petersburg is still searching for his male Rottweiler named ‘Mahi’ who was taken by a Lyft driver. You can see in the security video, the Lyft driver took the puppy.

St. Petersburg Police located the Lyft driver named Walter who says the dog got loose several blocks from the pick up site. According to Jason Gell, the dog owner, Lyft will not cooperate in the search.

Mahi was taken from the front of his home on 11/2/2019 after 1am when a Lyft driver named Walter was seen coaxing the 9 month old male rottweiler into his small black SUV.  Despite Walter’s claim that the dog got loose several blocks from the pick up point, there has been no sightings of Mahi.   Many believe that if the puppy escaped less than a mile from where he was taken, someone surely would have seen him by now.   Please – help us find Mahi and bring him home.

Lyft will not cooperate and have not returned contact to the owner Jason Gell.   Please email these executive contacts and demand that they cooperate with the police.    They refuse to help without a subpoena!!!!