2019 saw more than its share of ‘Florida Man’ stories.  So many that the Tallahassee Democrat has compiled some of the wildest ‘Florida Man’ headlines of the year. ‘Florida Man Accused Of Giving Beer To An Alligator’

‘Florida Man Ends Police Standoff For Slice Of Pizza’

‘Florida Man Charged With Impersonating Officer For McDonald’s Discount’

‘Florida Couple Has Sex In Back Of Police Car After DUI Arrest’

‘Florida Man Arrested For Burglarizing Cars In Jail Parking Lot Moments After Being Released’

What was your favorite ‘Florida Man’ headline of the year?  Why do the craziest stories always happen in Florida?

And let’s add a few more Q105 ‘Florida Man’ favorites from this year.

Who knew you could arrested for a wet willy?

And this genius has all but solved the hurricane problem in Florida.

Never mind the drugs he had in his car – look at his passenger.

And how’s this for the perfect getaway car?