Well… at least the ticket was sold. The winner hasn’t come forward yet.

According to Florida Today, a Florida Lotto player purchased a lotto ticket at a West Melbourne gas station on Wednesday, worth $2 million.

If you haven’t checked your lottery tickets, the winning numbers are: 02-25-30-34-49-51

Pattie Cox, who works’ at the store where the winning ticket was sold, said she is hopeful the winner is one of her “regulars.” She said most of her regular ticket buyers are local mechanics or landscapers.

According to Cox, Wednesday night’s winning ticket was the largest win she’d seen locally, far exceeding the prior one of a  $10,000 scratch-off bought in October.

Cox received the news of the winning ticket when she arrived at work Thursday morning.

The store will also benefit from selling the winning ticket. According to flalottery.com, Florida Lottery retailers get “bonus commissions for selling jackpot or top-prize winning tickets.”

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And remember what they say… “you can’t win if you don’t play”! Good Luck!


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