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It just wasn’t the same when Live PD no longer featured Pasco County. K9 Shep and Deputy Nick Carmack became national celebrities as they interacted with the interesting folks you find on Highway 19 at midnight on a Saturday. I have to be honest. I was already losing interest in the show when the news broke that Pasco was pulling out of the show. The show had lost its newness. But since the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office was pulled from the lineup, I stopped watching completely.

They’ve had departments on from North Florida, but it’s just not the same. Let’s be honest. Tallahassee is South Georgia.

My friends. Florida is back. Not Pasco County. But the Tampa Bay Times reports their neighbors to the north from the Hernando County’s Sheriff’s Office are going be a part of a new Live PD show called “Wanted.” Sheriff Al Nienhuis said viewers should turn on A&E Thursday night and again December 26th. “Wanted” focuses on fugitives and the public sends in their tips to help capture them.

It won’t be nearly the same though. Those Live PD episodes with the PCSO had some classic moments. But it’s something! Here are some pics from near the end of Pasco’s time on Live PD when Deputy Carmack and K9 Shep hung out with the Dan Abrams and the cast in NYC.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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