According to Fox News 4, Florida troopers are reminding folks that their warning time regarding the new “handsfree law” is almost up.

This new law, which started in October of ’19 has been in an educational period. However, police are warning they WILL start writing tickets on January 1, 2020.

The fine for this new moving violation will be a $60 base fine, for anyone caught holding a “wireless communication device” while driving in school zones, school crossings or active work areas.

Those interviewed regarding the new law were (for the most part), very much in favor of it, citing that it will make the roads safer.

Florida Highway Patrol wants to use the remaining two weeks of the year to make a final push to reinforce the new rules, as the many holiday travelers take to the roads. For the time being, officers will continue handing out tear-off reminders to drivers, detailing the new requirements and fines associated.

Lt. Derrick Rahming with the Florida Highway Patrol says…

“That way they’re prepared and they know more about the information, they can pass the info on to family members— children, anyone they may know.”

And while authorities are uncertain of how many violators they’ll have come the new year, they do say they’ve issued 1,151 tickets for texting and driving since it became a primary offense in July. The Florida Highway Patrol alone issued nearly 900 warnings to motorists.

So, you’ve been warned. Remember, enforcement of this new handsfree law starts on January 1st. Don’t start the new year off with a ticket!

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