Channel 8 reports police in Clearwater are looking for 2 suspects that tried to get away with electronics worth thousands. They say the first suspect they’re looking for hung out at the Clearwater Mall Target. He apparently found a hiding spot when they were closing for the day. When employees left, he broke into a glass display case. Then they say he made a dash for the door but an alarm went off. Apparently he’s a rookie because that freaked him out so much that he took off… leaving all those gadgets he worked so hard to steal behind. If you get freaked out by an alarm, a life of crime is probably not for you. Just sayin’.

They’re also looking for his accomplice who was outside waiting for him in the parking lot. They say the two of them were at a St. Pete Target earlier that night. These released these pics in hopes you might be able to help. If you have any info, call 727-562-4242.

Source: Channel 8

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