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Alex Killorn #17 of the Tampa Bay Lightning warms up at Amalie Arena.

Tell me another sport where this would happen. In my many years of covering various teams, I can tell you that hockey players are by far the most down to earth of all the major sports. This story is the best example of how cool these athletes are.

Twitter user Nikki (@_Tiffie_) shared this experience at Amalie Arena. She and a friend were watching the Tampa Bay Lightning pregame warm ups. Fans often gather along the glass to get some up close pictures of the players and maybe catch a puck. The rookie mistake some fans make is they’ll set their drink down along the boards. They don’t realize the glass swings back and forth upon contact. That happened to Nikki’s friend when Alex Killorn from the Tampa Bay Lightning apparently knocked over a beer. Nikki’s shoes got wet, but much worse, she was now beerless. “Killer” apparently felt bad because moments later he presented Nikki with a $20 bill! It begs the question… where the hell does a hockey player store cash in his uniform!?

You may not see the entire photo with the $20 bill unless you click on the tweet:

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