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If anyone knows where stuff is being moved, it’s U-Haul, and they kept track of which states and cities were the most popular destinations. What were the top cities and states?

Okay, so the headline said it. Florida was number one, followed by Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Washington to round out the top 5. Click here to see where the rest of the states ranked.

Which cities were the biggest destinations? Florida cities got locked out of the top spot, but still were dominant in the top 10.

1.Raleigh-Durham, NC
2.Kissimmee, FL
3.Ocala, FL
4.Round Rock-Pflugerville, TX
5.West Palm Beach, FL
6.Port Saint Lucie, FL
7.Bradenton-Sarasota, FL
8.Coeur D’Alene, ID
9.Manhattan, NY
10.Harrisburg, PA
Click here to see the full top 25 cities.