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With the clamp down on pain medicine and narcotics throughout the state of Florida, you have to ask yourself how anyone could actual think they’d get away with stealing 1,200 tablet of pain medicine from a pharmacy without it being noticed. But according to the Miami Herald, that is exactly what happened.

The Herald says that a pharmacy technician that worked at Genoa Healthcare pharmacy in Lake City, patiently stole 1,200 tablets of pain medication over 14 months, smuggling them out in her purse… and her bra.

The Florida Department of Health issued an ESO (emergency suspension order) on the license of registered pharmacy technician Katrina Fahlberg. Fahlberg had earned the license in June 2013.

Reports say that the missing medications were noticed in November, when Genoa’s site manager attempted to fill a prescription for Tramadol, or (Ultram). In filling the prescription, the manager noticed something was off in the inventory.

After a review of the records, the manager discovered that the ordered amounts, and dispensed amounts, did not match up. The ESO says the manager then confronted Fahlberg, “who admitted to taking the Tramadol 50mg tablets at work.”

The Herald reports that Fahlberg admitted that she took the bottles of Tramadol off the shelf, poured out five to 10 tablets and consumed them. Ms. Fahlberg also admitted that she concealed stolen tablets of Tramadol in her bra and concealed bottles in her purse. Ms. Fahlberg went on to estimated that she took approximately 1,200 Tramadol tablets during her time while working at Genoa Healthcare.

Per the ESO, Fahlbergs’ license has been suspended, and there is no further information at this time regarding any other legal actions against her.

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