The first time I had "Funnel Bacon on a Stick" I dropped to one knee and proposed to Mama Jane.

Mama Jane comes to Florida every spring to deal that lethal blow to your New Year’s resolution when she sets up shop at the Florida State Fair in Tampa and at Plant City’s Florida Strawberry Festival. Several years ago, she created my favorite fair food of all time… funnel bacon on a stick. It’s been featured on national TV and several big name country music stars have raved about it. She would take a thick piece of bacon, dip it in funnel cake batter and fry it to a beautiful golden brown. Then she’d sprinkle powdered sugar and top it with a maple butter drizzle. It was best breakfast you’ve ever had on a stick. Sadly, Funnel Bacon on a Stick was finally retired last year in Plant City. But not to fear… Mama has some new magic she’s made in the lab. She joined me to tell me all about her plans to carb you up in 2020 at the fairs. As you listen to the interview, check out the photos of the stuff she’s talking about!

Before we wrap up, I must pay tribute one last time to Funnel Bacon on a Stick. It will be sorely missed.

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