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Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer, singer Stephen Pearcy and guitarist Warren DeMartini perform at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino August 5, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When news broke of Motley Crue, Poison and Def Leppard coming to Florida this summer, I couldn’t get my credit card out fast enough. When will you ever get to hear that music in a stadium ever again with tens of thousands of people? It’ll be some great rock and even better people watching for sure. I was super bummed last week when Bon Jovi announced a new tour but left the entire southeast off the itinerary (I’m thinking there will be a second leg added later). But now there’s more Aqua Net ’80s hair band rock news to share.

RATT - Round And Round (Official Music Video)

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Blabbermouth reports that RATT is going into the studio with plans to release some new music in late 2020. While that’s exciting for them, I think most of us just hope this means a concert where they play “Round and Round” and the stuff we love from the ’80s. It looks like that’ll happen. Stephen Pearcy told The Metal Voice they’re playing shows around the world this year, including some festivals. But the big news is that there’s a “package tour” that’ll be announced soon. A package tour? I like that. This Motley Crue/Def Leppard/Poison/Joan Jett package tour is a can’t miss for this ’80s kid. Getting to see another 3 or 4 bands that were the soundtrack to my high school years would be freakin’ awesome. Might I make some suggestions in case you’re reading Stephen?

Source: Blabbermouth

Even if none of those come to fruition, I’m content with this Motley Crue tour. A bunch of us are heading down to Miami for the tour kick off because let’s face it. With highly combustible bands like this, this tour could last one night!

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